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AdQuery is an advertising platform that allows you to monetise online space. As an independent entity, we operate in-house based on proprietary solutions.

We connect publishers and advertisers, dynamically developing the advertising industry.

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Top brands shown in an unconventional way

We work with the largest brands on the market, dressing them in our original advertising formats. Innovation is our middle name and efficiency is a challenge that we regularly take on as we bring new creative solutions to the market.

Our formats are created as:

a response to

the needs of the market

Analysing and verifying the industry is the foundation of all digital activities, especially in the context of creative solutions and communication. When preparing new advertising formats, we pay special attention to the niche and strategic gaps on the market. This allows us to make sure that what we do has a real impact on the development of digital marketing and of our offer, addressed directly to our customers and partners.

We fight banner blindness, while never ignoring the needs of the audience, which is why our advertising formats are not intrusive to users. You can also work with us using selected advertising formats, according to the preferences and technological capabilities of the publisher. As a result, both parties in this cooperation see real benefits from ads in adQuery.

a response to

recipients’ preferences

We are not afraid of challenges and we are happy to take actions that are designed strictly based on the customer’s brief, while not forgetting about the recipients. Our ads are non-intrusive to internet users, so they do not hinder navigation around websites. Interesting and unconventional creations attract the users’ attention to the ad, allowing the recipient to decide whether to close the ad or interact with it.

Recipient preferences are also taken into account at the initial stage of work on every campaign. We carefully select target groups and, with the help of AI-based technology (SEMTEQ and QID), we are able to reach specific users precisely. Analysing tags, meta tags and keywords on the website allows us to display a message tailored to the recipient’s interests.

Cooperation and support
at every stage of integration

Do you feel like you could work with us but are put off by the technical aspects? We will do our best to help you with that. We can walk you through every stage of integration, providing guidance on how to optimise the website so that all the data is counted correctly.

When working with us, you have two integration options:

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